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Departmental Guidelines


Clarifications about the Management of Prostate Cancer (AGM 2019)   Click Here
Urology SMDT Referral Form (New 2018)   Click Here
Local Recommendations for Active Surveillance for localised Prostate Cancer   Click Here
Memorandum on the use of MRI in the diagnosis and management of Prostate Cancer   Click Here
Guidelines for Shared Care Management of Men on hormones for Metastatic Prostate Cancer   Click Here
Prostate Cancer Best Practice Pathway June 17   Click Here
Prostate Cancer Guidelines for MDT (Apr 18)   Click Here
Guidelines on the use of isotope bone scans in prostate cancer   Click Here
Prostate Biopsy Service ICP - 2018   Click Here
Cambridge Prognostic Group Online Calculator   Click Here
Policy for Administration of Intravesical Treatments   Click Here
Guidelines for Insertion of Suprapubic Catheter   Click Here
Information for Patients following insertion of Suprapubic Catheter   Click Here
Management of Patients with Superficial Bladder TCC   Click Here
NICE Bladder Cancer Guidelines Update 2015   Click Here
Management Algorith for OSH Clinic   Click Here
Management of Haematuria (BAUS 2008) Click Here
CCG Guidance on Haematuria Management   Click Here
CCG Guidance on Bladder Cancer Follow Up   Click Here
Guidance on the Diagnosis of BCG related Complications NEW   Click Here
BCG Induction and Maintenance Flow Chart NEW   Click Here
Guidelines for Antibiotic Prophylaxis prior to Nephrostomy Insertion   Click Here
Guidelines on the Management of Bosniak 2F Renal Cysts   Click Here
Guidance for Requesting of Nephrostomies (June 16)   Click Here
Renal Colic Pathway (October 16)   Click Here
Management of incidental Adrenal Lesions   Click Here
Guidelines for the Active Surveillance of Angiomyolipoma (2017)   Click Here
EAU Trauma Guidelines 2014   Click Here
AAST Classification   Click Here
Classification of Renal Trauma   Click Here
Sepsis Screening and Action Tool NEW   Click Here
Guidelines for stopping Anticoagulants prior to Urology Procedures - Kanthabalan and Dawson (BJUI) NEW   Click Here
Revised Vasectomy Guidelines   UNDER REVISION
Supervision of Urology Operating Lists   Click Here
Guidelines for Taking of informed Consent   Click Here
Guidelines for the management of suspected UTI prior to Urology endoscopic procedures v2   Click Here
Trust Protocol for Consultant to Consultant Referral - JUN 17   Click Here
Guidelines on Coagulation Testing prior to Radiological Investigations / Procedures   Click Here
Management of patients who refuse blood products (Paper from Annals RCS)   Click Here
Competency Grid for Urology Middle Grades - Guidance for Urology Bookers   Click Here
Referral form for Lincs Continence Advisory Service   Click Here
Radiology Contact Numbers   Click Here
Referrals for TWOC - Guidance 2016   Click Here
Contacts for Continence Services / First Change of SPC   Click Here
Mortality Review Process (Trust) (June 16)   Click Here
Action Card A - Action to be taken in case of Outpatient DNA   Click Here
Action Card B - Action to be taken in case of Outpatient cancellation of an appointment   Click Here
Action Card C - Inpatient Cancellations   Click Here
Trust guidelines on Necrotising Fasciitis   Click Here