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Educational Supervisor's Assessment Form - 2020 

Educational Topics

Diagnosis and Managment of Necrotising Fasciitis - Chris Dawson

Painful Bladder Syndrome / Bladder Pain Syndrome - Vicki Fulbrook

Recurrent infections in women – the who, what, why and treatment for women in clinic - Vicki Fulbrook

Renal Colic, Local Management - Dan Aleksandrov

LUTS Management and AKI - Ahmed Ibrahim

Zoon's balanitis, Erythroplasia de Queyrat, and Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Stefan Gutue

Audit Presentations


Audit Number Presenter Title of Presentation
1476 C Dawson National Prostate Cancer Audit
1481 J Nethercliffe BAUS Incontinence Audit
1607 L Bibby and C Dawson Audit of Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis
1608 L Bibby and C Dawson Audit of Departmental Practice for Insertion of Ureteric Stents
1639 J Bryan and C Dawson Audit of Prostate MRI Reporting
1897 M Williams and C Dawson Audit of Theatre Cancellations
1898 A Loizidou and C Dawson Audit of Drug Charts and Anticoagulant Usage
1961 J Bondad, M Williams, and C Dawson Audit of Access Failure for Primary Ureteroscopy
1963 J Bondad, and C Lockett Audit of Mitomycin C in Intermediate Risk Bladder Cancer
2007 A Butt and C Dawson Audit of Renal Colic Pathway
2008 D Aleksandrov, J Bryan, and C Dawson Audit of Patients referred for Transperineal Prostate Biopsy
2009 B Barua and C Dawson Audit of Complications of Transrectal Prostate Biopsy
2010 A Ibrahim and C Dawson Audit of Emergency Theatre Usage by the Urology Department
2011 S Smith and C Dawson Initial Assessment of men with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
2012 A Ibrahim and I Miakhil Audit of Prostate Cancer Detection Rate in men undergoing MRI and Prostate Biopsy
2178 A Ferro and I Miakhil Compliance with International Guidelines in men with Testicular Tumours
2196 H Shaheen and C Dawson Urology 30 day readmissions Audit
2316 E Myint Moh and C Dawson Audit of Delayed Discharges in Urology
2318 C Cordell, A Bancu, and C Dawson Audit of Urology Cases in Ambulatory Care Unit