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PCH Urology
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3 Sept 2018

Important information about Rezum Treatment - Last Month NICE issued a briefing about Rezum tratment for benign prostatic hypertrophy - read it here;

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In response to enquiries from patients we would like to point out that this treatment is not available in Peterborough, nor is there any likelihood of it being available in the forseeable future

1st April 2016

Janine Nethercliffe took over as Lead clinician for the Department

1st April 2016

New Constulant Michael Sut joined the department

About the Department

The Urology Department of the Peterborough City Hospital is based on the Edith Cavell Campus at Bretton Gate in Peterborough

We are a part of Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Peterborough District Hospitals NHS Trust was formed on April 1st 1993. The Foundation Trust provides medical and surgical services to the greater Peterborough area and serves a catchment area of approximately 263,000 people. Stamford Hospital provides local services to the area around Stamford in Lincolnshire. The Greater Peterborough Health Investment Plan secured planning approval to build a single hospital for Peterborough which opened in November 201